Email Marketing

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What’s Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a type of marketing Process that includes the sending of electronic mail as a means of communicating, Promoting your business, Sales etc messages to its Customers helping you in increasing your business sales, awareness and drive more traffic.

Email Marketing is suitable for both the small and medium ye of businesses because it’s cost effective.

Why Email Marketing?

If owns a business or working for any business then you should know that the Email Marketing is the most Reliable Channel of marketing.

Through email marketing, you can get the positive ROI of around 4,300% for the business.

Looking for quality leads For your business then Email marketing can generate about 40% of qualified leads for your business.

Email Marketing

The process of Email Marketing:

  • Establishing your Goals for running the Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Name the Campaign, Subject line and other details to be promoted through email marketing.
  • Before running the Email marketing Campaign test the campaign by sending a sample to your clients.
  • Check the ideal time to run the campaign, Send it immediately or schedule to your time.
  • Once the campaign is live, check the performance to evaluate the results and improve your campaign.
  • Once the campaign finished, generate the report analyze same it with your clients.

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